POLICE are on the hunt for a respectfully-dressed man suspected of stealing more than £1000 worth of clothes from a Knutsford store.

CCTV footage has been released of a man police want to question in relation to the theft of several expensive jackets from Princess Street store Barbour Retail Store, on Thursday January 15 and Sunday February 1.

On January 15, security footage clearly shows a man browsing before putting on two jacket on top of his own. The man, who was surrounded by other shoppers at the time, zipped up the layered jackets and walked out of the shop.

The man returned to the store on Sunday. Cameras captured the smartly-dressed man browsing before shoving the jackets into his shoulder bag and under his coat.

It is thought that five jackets – each costing around £250 - were stolen in total.

Neil Bottomley, store manager, said: “He looked like one of customers browsing the collection; there was no reason to suspect he was up to anything untoward.

"We have cameras positioned throughout the store and after viewing the footage both internally and with the police, it's clear he makes no attempt to conceal what he's doing from the recordings and shows total disregard to being caught.

"I'm hoping now we're making these images and videos public, he can be located and questioned by the police."

Sergeant Martin Caldwell, of Knutsford Police, said officers are keen to progress things as quickly as possible and urged anyone who can identify the man to come forward.

He added: “Quite valuable jackets were stolen and we have got footage of the incidents. We are actively looking for the person responsible and anyone with information to who that person is should get contact with us.”

If you can identify the person in the photos, contact the police on 101 and quote the incident number 604.