TWIN eight-year-olds from Knutsford have reviewed Knutsford Little Theatre’s latest production for the Guardian.

The Hound of the Baskervilles played a three-day stint at the Queen Street theatre last month and Zoe and Max Hildred gave their verdict on the stage adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel.

Zoe gave the play a glowing review and was a fan of the comedic turns.

She said: “The play is for age 10 to 12 and above, it’s an exceedingly funny play, there are around ten to 15 characters all played by three people.

“The lighting was perfect and the scene set up was brilliant. My hands were so sore afterwards from clapping. It was an outstanding performance; I really hope they do it again.”

Brother Max was equally as impressed and was particularly intrigued by how the play kept the audience guessing.

He said: “Sherlock Holmes is trying to find out what occurred at Sir Charles Baskerville’s death and all the men in line before him. So he accompanies the last Baskerville, Hugo on a daring mission to keep Hugo Baskerville alive.

“Could the eccentric man Stapleton be a Baskerville? What has Slasher Seldon the escaped convict got to do with all this? Why does Mrs Barrymore keep weeping in the night? Are the yokels as wise as they look? Will “lamb in a bag” catch on as a takeaway food? Will Cecile Stapleton ever make her mind up? And why is the butler Barrymore acting so suspiciously - did the butler really do it? A fun and entertaining show for age 10 to 110.”