A HOLMES Chapel pensioner was left stunned when a box full of condoms popped through her letterbox last month.

Twice-widowed Sheila Buckley received a package in late April addressed to her Bessan Court home, but with an unfamiliar woman’s name.

The 78-year-old peeped inside the box to see if she could find an address for the intended recipient but got a shock when she discovered the contents – dozens and dozens of condoms.

“I thought of all things to come through the door,” she said.

“I am widowed twice and I haven’t got a man in the house, do they think I’m starting up a business?

“I’m a bit too old for that.”

When Sheila searched in the phonebook for the aforementioned woman, thinking there must have been mix-up, she couldn’t find anyone by that name.

When she called the organisation that sent the package, Body Positive Cheshire & North Wales (BPCNW), she was told that there had been a request for a package to be sent to Sheila’s address.

Body Positive Cheshire & North Wales is a charity that provides condoms by post to gay and bisexual men who might not be able to access condoms.

The service was set up to try and protect Central and Eastern Cheshire gay and bisexual men from HIV and STIs.

“I had a laugh about the situation at first but when I thought about it, I was quite upset and distressed,” she said.

“I honestly thought it might be a gimmick, it just came out of the blue. The company can’t seem to throw any light on it and I don’t know why it came to me.

“A lot of elderly people live around here and it could cause them worry if it came through their door.”

Although the experience shook Sheila up, she still injects some humour into the situation.

“I have one son and he would say, ‘Mother, you probably ordered them and then forgot about them’.

“I haven’t told him.”