VILLAGERS in Goostrey have teamed up to fight proposals to create a new 25 home estate planned to be built on agricultural land.

The past six months has seen Goostrey bombarded with a host of planning applications, including one passed on New Platt Lane and one currently going through the planning process on Hermitage Lane.

But villagers were left dumbstruck when another proposal was submitted in early May for 25 homes to be built on land next to the Mount Pleasant estate.

HOW Planning, acting on behalf of the landowner, said there was a ‘need’ for the estate.

The planning statement added: “The form and arrangement of space, buildings and routes have been developed on sound urban design principles with a view to creating a cohesive, legible and attractive new residential area.

“Dwelling types have been conceived to meet local need and provide aspirational new houses that will satisfy market requirements. Although the site is ‘greenfield’, it is situated in a highly sustainable location and is considered an appropriate extension to the residential urban boundary.”

Jane Stubbs, of Dromedary Lane, said she had joined forces with a team of five villagers to spread the message about the proposed development by posting leaflets through residents door.

As of Friday, May 23, 27 objections had been placed on Cheshire East Council’s planning portal.

“The parish council and our MP Fiona Bruce are both against it and have been very supportive of us,” Jane said.

“It is getting across to residents that it is yet another application on top of the one on Hermitage Lane and the one in New Platt Lane. Our main concerns with this one is that it is good agricultural land and it has been farmed for many years.

“Cheshire East Council has confirmed its five year housing supply and there’s no more site allocations for Goostrey and Holmes Chapel, plus there is the affect it could have on Jodrell Bank.”

MP Fiona Bruce added: "I have registered formal objections to current planning applications for Goostrey including the land behind Mount Pleasant Park.

"I reconfirm my commitment to support residents in their endeavours to maintain the special character of Goostrey as a village and to ensure that inappropriate developer-led planning is thoroughly challenged – if localism means anything, it should mean the right for local people to decide how their own communities will develop in the future, and in this the Goostrey community has my full support.”

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