THIS week The Knutsfordian would like to share with his readers two paragraphs which perfectly sum up his feelings on our local councils and their pathetic approach to consulting the electorate on a range of issues which will impinge on our future.

How often do you read of councils launching a consultation exercise so that ‘local people can have their say?’ If there were a banned list of meaningless local government jargon, this phrase would definitely be competing for a podium spot.

Translated, it really means: ‘We are obliged by law to ask you, which we will do as quietly as possible, but we are under absolutely no obligation to pay the blindest bit of notice to what you say’.

 PS Another, week, yet another planning application for new homes.

This time it’s for 60 houses a mile south west of the World Heritage Site-shortlisted Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Residents group LoveGoostrey is concerned the development could create unwanted electrical interference and set a precedent for future housing even closer to the observatory, which could potentially damage their research.

The Knutsfordian’s knowledge of all things electrical and interference is hazy.

But anything that threatens research carried out by Jodrell Bank Observatory must be stopped.

 PPS The Knutsfordian notes his dearest Tory friends have formally re-adopted his great chum George Osborne as Conservative Party candidate for Tatton for the 2015 General Election.

Rumours that the entire Tatton Tory membership met in the back room of The Lord Eldon are a complete fabrication.

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