A KNUTSFORD man has expressed concern at a railway bridge he feels could collapse if one of its supporting walls is not fixed.

Tommy Dodd, of Middle Walk, highlighted cracks along one wall of a walkway beneath the railway connecting the Moor and land adjacent to St Cross Church.

Mr Dodd feared the structure could potentially crumble, likening it to a wall that collapsed near the station at the junction of Adams Hill and King Street in February 2012.

In that instance bricks fell into the road and the repairs took more than six months to be carried out.

“I was concerned about one of the supporting walls,” Tommy told the Guardian.

“It appears to be coming away, but nothing has been done.

“At least two trains an hour pass over the bridge, plus the heavy goods trains that use the track.

“I wouldn’t want to be dramatic, but if a train was going over and it did collapse then who knows what could potentially happen.

“In my opinion something needs to be done about it, I would hate to have not reported it and seen something bad happen.”

Network Rail said they were unaware of the problem and that an engineer will now visit the site this week to look into the concerns.

A spokesperson said: “If members of the public do have any concerns about the operation of the railway, they can contact the Network Rail helpline 24/7 on 0845 711 4141.”

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