DISGRUNTLED campaigners are warning a Tatton MP he could lose his majority seat because of the proposed high-speed rail link.

George Osborne MP met with parish councillors from Tatton on Friday at Macclesfield Town Hall to discuss the plans for HS2 phase two.

But members of Mid Cheshire Against HS2 and All Cheshire Against HS2 gathered outside the venue to protest at not being able to ‘air their views and grievances’ about the £50billion project.

“George must surely realise by continuing to avoid his constituents a groundswell of opposition is building up,” said chair of All Cheshire Against HS2, Ewen Simpson. “Fringe parties opposing HS2 are gaining a great deal of support.

“If he and his advisers think his majority of just under 15,000 makes Tatton a safe seat, he should think again – a previous Conservative MP thought so and lost out.

“HS2 is fast becoming the Tatton ‘Brown Envelope’.”

The campaign groups say they feel aggrieved at a lack of MP surgeries or correspondence with the Chancellor.

“George Osborne used police decoys to avoid meeting 20 of his constituents who were waiting to speak to him after a ‘closed meeting’ – not in his Tatton Constituency by the way,” added Mr Simpson.

“His constituents had been trying to meet with him at surgeries, so they can meet a Member of Parliament ‘face to face’ to air their views and grievances, but not George.

“We thought this meeting was to be George on his own, but no. HS2 Ltd people were there too – in other words, an HS2 Ltd presentation. No opposing views or challenges allowed.”

However, prior to the meeting, Mr Osborne reiterated the importance of HS2 and said the government will deal with those affected on a case-by-case basis.

“I think HS2 is a really important piece of infrastructure for the whole of Britain and is also very important for Cheshire,” he said.

“It’s going to make travel easier, help local stations, bring jobs to the area and bring people to the rest of the country.

“I am pro HS2, but I also represent people who are affected and I understand if you are anxious but there is compensation available.

“We deal with these cases on a case by case basis. For Knutsford it’s a really good scheme, but if you are affected by it I will help each person individually.”