THE memories of elderly residents in Goostrey are being put on to tape for posterity as part of an archive recording more than 1,000 years of history and life through the ages.

Goostrey Parish Archive Group is recording the recollections down the years of the oldest residents and families before they are lost in time.

Now it would like more pension-age people – or even younger – to come forward to tell their tales about life as they remember it from their early years in the village for the oral history part of the collection.

Some of the oldest inhabitants, including former postmistress 91-year-old Margaret Kettle, who still runs a village store, and other well-known residents, Mary Hooley and Ruth Hough, have already been interviewed and taped for the archive.

Members have been delighted at the amount of material so far, but are asking villagers to ‘think archive’ before they consign to the skip old documents and even family photographs relating to Goostrey and its events.

Pictures with people and buildings and parts of the village that have changed significantly and also any items that can be linked to the centenary of the First World War next year are of interest for inclusion in the archive.

The archive is maintained by courtesy of the Blackden Trust in the Medicine House at Toad Hall, the home of author Alan Garner and his wife, Griselda, a group member.

A chance for residents to examine material from the expanding archive is being given on the day of the over 65s lunch on November 24, when Goostrey Parish Council is supporting a display in the foyer at the village hall.

Christina Burgess, one of the group’s members, said: “The archive has really taken off and captured the imagination of people.

“A lot of activities have always gone on in the village and it has a wealth of history, but it would be sad if all memory of it was to be lost.

“The archive will ensure that Goostrey is recorded for ever, and its voices from the past will live on for posterity.

“We would be delighted for anyone to join us in helping to build up the archive – young and old and newcomers to the area.

“We are a very informal group, and anyone interested can turn up at our meetings.”

If you would like to know more about the group contact Christina on 01477 535443 and email