A CALL has gone out to Knutsford’s residents and businesses to support a foundation that links a town centre primary school with its sister site in Kenya.

The Egerton Schools’ Foundation was created in October 2012 to sustain a strong and established partnership between Egerton Primary in Knutsford and Egerton School in Njoro, Kenya.

Lord William Egerton founded Egerton Primary in Knutsford in 1893 and in 1939 Maurice Egerton, the 4th Baron Egerton of Tatton Park, founded the link school in Kenya. But the two schools did not discover each other until 2005.

Since 2006 the link up has been supported by the British Council but funding from that organisation has now stopped meaning the foundation is now looking for support from the town.

The foundation aims to improve the infrastructure at Egerton, Njoro to improve the communication between the schools, increase the impact of the partnership within the local communities and develop an ‘enriched global curriculum’ supported by joint project work and visits between the schools.

Alison Hooper, headteacher at Egerton Primary, gave a presentation to the town businesses, parents and residents at the school on Thursday, June 27 and said it was a great time for the town to support the unique partnership.

“Every child is a global citizen with a clear right to the best education possible,” she said.

“The Egerton Schools’ Foundation has a shared an equitable approach that makes learning ‘real’ for UK and Kenyan children to empower them to be effective global citizens with high aspirations, the future should be bright for every child.

“It took some time to find a solution after we heard about the funding ending.

“The word ‘charity’ doesn’t sit well with me as it comes with all sorts of meanings and whatever happens with this partnership we will make decisions together.

“This is about the town appreciating the Egerton link and also as a call for a time of action and seeing it is a great thing and supporting it.”

If you can help call Alison on 01625 383257.