KNUTSFORD’S 149th Royal May Queen called Saturday one of the best days of her life as thousands of residents and visitors packed into the town centre to enjoy the festivities.

Jenny Warburton, 13, was crowned by Dylan McCourt as the 2013 Knutsford Royal May Queen in glorious summer sunshine.

Huge crowds had earlier packed into the town, with crowds 10-deep on Toft Road to see the procession – led by marshall Joe Gates – wind its way through the streets.

Hundreds of children and volunteers entertained the audience before the parade finished on The Heath shortly after 3.30pm.

Jenny told the Guardian the whole day was ‘magical’.

She said: “When I was getting ready I was really nervous because I wanted everything to be right. But when the parade started it was quite overwhelming, and it was one of the best days of my life – it was magical.

“The three of us (Amy and Lucy, her ladies in waiting) were talking about how much our faces were aching because we were smiling at everyone so much. It was such a great experience, and we’ll never take part in anything like that again.”

Despite a slight hiccup, which meant the Sessions House on Toft Road was not opened as usual due to a mix-up out of the committee’s hands, the children made sure they got into position in time for the parade to start at 2pm.

The change in plan meant Jenny had to hide so she wasn’t spotted by the crowds as she made her way to the back of the court house.

She said: “I had to hide in the Rolls Royce and then in the cinema before we were ready to go. Everyone was so nice to me, asking if I was okay.

“I’d like to thank everyone for all the gifts, cards and hard work and effort that goes into the day. I loved all of it, and seeing everyone having such an amazing time.”