KNUTSFORD’S new cinema has made a U-turn on plans to charge almost £10 for a ticket at peak times.

As previously reported, from April, an adult ticket was set to rise from £6.20 to £9.75.

The price for pensioners and students was also going to leap from £5.15 to £9.75 as concessions are being phased out.

The controversial prices were published on Curzon Knutsford’s website, which led to cinema-goers contacting the Guardian to complain.

But the arthouse cinema chain has revised its plans with a ticket price of £8.50 from April at peak times for the 178-seat auditorium.

Lisa Barcroft-Lee said on the Guardian’s Facebook page: “I was very vocal about these prices, but would now like to give credit to them for listening to the townspeople.

“They have reduced their prices so they are more in line with Altrincham.

“The peak price has gone down to £8.50 and if you get the annual membership then you get 15 per cent off.

“Interestingly I thought the thing they would budge on would be the concessionary rate, but so far no joy, but I think this week has shown they do listen.”

From April, early bird tickets will be £6, live Met Opera tickets will be £18 and live Royal Opera House tickets will be £15.

A spokesman for Curzon Knutsford said: “We’re pleased to have our ticket prices announced, and hope to see the local community getting involved with the cinema. The Curzon Knutsford cinema aims to become a valued cultural hub for residents and businesses.”

Sarah McLoughlin, from Plumley, said: “I attended the cinema last night for the first time since its relaunch and would firstly like to congratulate Curzon for making some timely and fitting improvements to the cinema.

“However if Curzon intends to compete with the likes of Manchester’s Cornerhouse it seems to be missing the mark as Cornerhouse tickets are £5.50 for matinee performances and £7.50 for evening rates.”

Curzon Knutsford is offering introductory rates for its membership packages starting from £20 a year for concessionary memberships all the way through to £575 a year for the auteur membership.