A BID has been launched by angry Goostrey parish councillors to block plans which could see their village welcome more than 1,000 newcomers.

The council is challenging Cheshire East Council’s inclusion of the village as a ‘Local Service Centre’ in the new Local Plan for the area, where more than 11 sites have already been identified for possible development.

At its meeting on Tuesday, February 12, Goostrey Parish Council voted unanimously for a motion contesting the classification of Goostrey as a ‘Local Service Centre’.

The council also called on planners to re-categorise Goostrey as a sustainable village instead.

The parish council hosted two ‘Information Days’ – with more than 400 in attendance – on Wednesday, February 13 and Saturday, at which Goostrey residents were able to find out about the planning process and the local plan and let councillors know what they thought.

The council has said people in the three associated parishes rarely come to Goostrey for their local services, nor do they regard Goostrey as their local service centre.

Clr Peter Godfrey said: “The resolution may appear rather technical because the plan is expressed in this sort of language by the Cheshire East planners, but it really comes down to two simple questions.

“Can Goostrey residents obtain the services they need without leaving Goostrey?

“Do the residents of Swettenham, Twemlow and Cranage regard Goostrey as their centre of choice for shopping and other services?

“The answer to both these questions is ‘no’.

“Residents have to travel to Holmes Chapel or another nearby town for most of the services they require.

“It is worrying that the planners don’t seem to understand how people in Goostrey and the surrounding areas live their lives and how few services are available in the village.

“It is worrying that people with so little understanding of our life and needs are laying down plans for our village for the next 20 years.”

Comments must be sent to Cheshire East Council by Tuesday, February 26.