A SCHOOL assistant who has touched the lives of two generations of children has retired from Mobberley Primary School after 20 years.

Margaret Jackson was given a giant card signed by all 140 pupils to say thank you, and was described by head teacher Carol Owen as her mentor at a leaving assembly last Wednesday.

The mother-of-two started in January 1993, and has since seen an extension at the Church Lane school as well as five Ofsted inspections.

She said: “I’ll miss the laughter of the children and seeing all the staff, but one of the things I won’t miss is not being able to take holiday when I want and being tied to school terms.

“I feel sad, but I know it’s the right thing as I want to spend more time with my family. The most precious thing you can give is your time.”

Mrs Jackson hopes to see more of her grandchildren Alfie, six months, Libby, two, and Erin, six.

The 59-year-old spent most of her time with the school’s early years classes and was responsible for home visits.

Many of the Mobberley children who attended when she started have grown up and brought their own children there.

Mrs Jackson, who lives in Pickmere with her husband Peter, said: “I feel privileged as I’ve got to know the parents. I look upon them as friends.”

She was presented with a bracelet, earrings, a Swarovski crystal ornament and flowers by teachers and parents while the youngsters cheered.

Mrs Jackson also gave the school a weather vane as a parting gift as she used to read an Oxford Reading Tree book called The Weather Vane with pupils.

She said: “I’m lucky to have worked with dedicated, hard- working staff, and I will always remember the children of Mobberley. They will always be special to me.”

Head teacher Carol Owen said: “When I came to Mobberley Primary School Mrs Jackson was my mentor.

“Through those 20 years, she’s given us stability. She’s been a rock. We will sorely miss her.”