ANGRY Knutsford parents are urging the council to take more action to clean up the town from the blight of dog fouling.

It has been revealed that only two people have been handed fines in the past year for not cleaning up after their pet in the town.

But a spokesman for Cheshire East Council also said that other dog owners had been given ‘several warnings’.

Simon Hill told the Guardian he was furious when he trod in dog mess on the way to Toft Road doctors surgery with his son Henry, two, and daughter Harriet, 10 months.

The 39-year-old company director said: “It got on the wheels and basket of the pram.

“The potential health risks of a baby ingesting something like this could be fatal.

“I’m a dog owner myself and would never let this happen. I was absolutely furious.

“The health of my children was put at serious risk due to someone’s ignorance and bone idleness.”

A Freshfields resident, who did not wish to be named, said she has seen an increase in the amount of dog mess in Sugar Pit Lane, which her children use as a route to school.

She said: “It’s smeared all over the middle of the footpath.

“I managed to get some on my hand the other week when I was taking my daughter’s wellies off.

“It did worry me, and the thought of it made me feel sick.

“I am sick of having to avoid standing in it because some careless person can’t be bothered to do the right thing.

“It seems that Knutsford has plenty of traffic wardens, but dog wardens don’t seem to exist. If people can get away with it, then they will.”

Simon, who has a Jack Russell called Ripp, said: “Surely there is a case for a private company to police this on the agreement that they can collect part of the fines as a self- funding system.

“I expect that only a couple of months of surveillance and fines would be enough of a deterrent to stop the few individuals who are selfishly allowing this to happen.”

Cheshire East Council was preparing its response as the Guardian went to press.

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