A PREGNANT woman ran into the path of a car to avoid a damaged traffic light that tumbled down just inches from her.

Beth Birch, of Churchfields, phoned her mum Trish in tears, saying that she almost lost her daughter and unborn granddaughter after narrowly avoiding being crushed.

The 25-year-old was on her way back from the Coop, in Parkgate Lane, after picking up a copy of the Guardian and a loaf of bread, when the traffic light collapsed in Mobberley Road at about 1.20pm last Wednesday.

She said: “As I was crossing the road, the light came down. It must have landed three inches from me.

“I had to run backwards in a split second to get out of the way. I was nearly knocked over by a 4 x 4. It terrified me.”

Beth suffers from the heart problem acute coronary syndrome and had gastric bypass surgery five years ago, which has complicated her pregnancy.

She told the Guardian that the stress from the incident caused her to be physically sick and she has continued to agonise over what could have happened.

Beth refuses to use the crossing now and worries about the safety of other pedestrians.

“I was so shaken up I didn’t know what to do,” added Beth, who is 23 weeks pregnant.

“I keep thinking: ‘What if?’ I phoned my brother Andy and said I’d nearly been crushed by a traffic light. I was in tears.

“I told my mum she nearly lost her daughter and granddaughter. Next time it could be a kid or a car could be crushed.”

Clr David Topping, Cheshire East cabinet member for environment, said: “Firstly, I would like to offer my most sincere apologies for any distress caused to the lady who was nearly struck by this damaged traffic light.

“It appears as though very strong winds caused the pole to bend at the base and topple over.

“I would like to reassure the lady involved, and other residents of Cheshire East, that we are urgently looking into what happened to ensure this does not happen again.”