A FORTUITOUS feline may have used some of her nine lives when she returned home after being missing for almost two years.

Clare and Richard Hildred and their children twins Max and Zoe, both six, said it was like losing a member of the family when their cat Ogilvie went missing in Mobberley in May 2010.

When they later moved to Sugar Pit Lane in Knutsford they had given up hope. So the family were astonished when they received a call out of the blue from a woman saying she had been found.

Ogi had been wandering around Hale Barns when a microchip scan traced the 13-year-old cat to their old house in Beech Hill, Mobberley.

But luckily the new owners still had contact details for Clare and Richard.

“It was like she had come back from the dead,” said Clare “We feel so lucky. She was like one of the family and we were all devastated when she went missing so we’re overjoyed to get her back.

“By the time the house was on the market we thought we’d never see her again.”

Ogi, a tortoise shell moggy, returned home on January 16.

Clare added: “We weren’t sure if she knew us at first but the moment we got her back she settled in.

“There must have been a familiar smell from the old furniture.

“It was past Max and Zoe’s bedtime when we got her home but they crept down and I said do you remember her? My little boy Max said: ‘I remember her very well’. Since then they’ve been getting up early to feed her.”

Clare has also been putting up posters in Mobberley to thank everyone who helped with the original search and Ogi has been to Ark Veterinary Surgery for a check-up.

But the wandering cat has not suffered from her travels and has even put on a little weight.

“I think she must have been calling in at a few people’s houses for tea,” Clare said.