IT’S panto time again, and this year Knutsford Little Theatre’s production is home grown.

Billy Bun and the Four Wishes has been written by local actor and member of KLT, Chris Marriott.

This new work has all the elements of the traditional panto including, of course, a dame played by Chris.

Seasoned adults play the usual suspects, with the ‘wicked ones’ being in the form of Sorceress Meddla D’Maniac, with her two evil-but-stupid goblins, Snivel Gobblesnitch and Grovel Gobblesnot.

Then there are the ‘good-but-daft ones’ – Milly Bun the widowed owner of Buns R Us bakery and her son, Billy Bun, together with Lady Barmcake and Chancellor Macaroon – get the connection?

King Merrilegs and much put-upon governess Lady Henrietta Tweed-dumpling are ably abetted, (or should that be hindered?) by Sir Percival Pecker and Watt (Who? What?), the scribe.

Our talented and versatile juniors take the parts of Princesses Joy and Gladness plus assorted elves, goblins, trumpeters, villagers, courtiers, and furry woodland animals. Listen out too for Sat and Nav! Last but not least, there is Peat the dancing donkey.

Skilful sets, ranging from the Palace of Harmony via the Faerie Forest, to the ‘Diabolically Dreadfully Dark Damp Dingy Dungeon of Doom’, are of the usual high standard that members of KLT always produce, as are ingenious props, colourful costumes, expert lighting, sound and choreography.

Delightful original songs, music and lyrics by Chris Marriott are performed by our live band and singers, under the guidance of musical director Mike Wilding.

Will the Princesses be rescued? Will the goblins’ weak spot be discovered? Will Billy squander his wishes? Will good triumph over evil? Well, it is panto!

This family panto, directed by Tina Buckley, has enough silliness to amuse the younger members of the audience and more than enough double entendres to tickle the funny bones of the adults. Although the matinees are virtually sold out, some tickets are still available at £7 from 01565 633 000.

Show times are Thursday, January 17 to Saturday, January 19 and Thursday, January 24 to Saturday, January 26, with evening performance at 7pm.

There are matinees on Saturday, January 19 and 26 at 2pm, and Sunday matinees on January 20 at 11.30am and 3.30pm.