IT was like Christmas came early for Chelford thanks to two community celebrations.

The first ‘present’ was the news that Chelford Primary School was ranked in first place in the borough for May’s Key Stage 2 SATS results.

All of the year six pupils achieved level four or above in combined maths and English, and all made expected progress in the two subjects separately.

Head teacher Alison Scott said: “We are very proud to say that Chelford Primary School is ranked in first position in Cheshire East, and I would like to thank the staff and pupils for their hard work and dedication in achieving this excellent standard.”

The second ‘present’ was that the village has been awarded a cash boost of almost £47,000 for a specialised sports and leisure area.

Chelford Parish Plan Team has been successful in applying for grant funding from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN).

The £46,962 multi-use games area will be built on the parish field at the village hall site.

Kath Gildon, chairman of Chelford Parish Council, said: “This facility will make such a difference to our community, and we are very grateful to WREN for supporting our project with this funding.

“The aim is to provide easily accessible, affordable village sports and leisure facilities where none exist currently.

“It is to encourage increased physical activity levels for all ages and abilities in a social setting and, therefore, reduce associated health risks due to inactivity and social isolation.

“Chelford Parish Plan Team, who led the bid, and all our volunteers who have worked so hard, supported by our residents to raise money for the project, should be congratulated on securing this funding.”