MOST of us look forward to a Christmas party with colleagues at the end of the year.

A chance to unwind, forget about the stresses of work and spread festive cheer with those you share an office with.

But for people who work alone it is not that easy.

Zoe Garner, of Mobberley Cottage Cattery, hopes to change all that by organising a Christmas do for independent traders in the Knutsford area.

The mum-of-three said: “It’s that time of year again. My friends complain incessantly about their work’s choice of venue for their festive merry-making, and still I’m envious.

“If you run a business single-handedly or work from home for a larger company then lunch times can be a pretty solitary experience, let alone the thought of a Christmas do.”

The Christmas party for sole traders will be on Tuesday, December 18 at The Railway Inn in Mobberley.

It is an extension of a lunch group called the 12Noon Club which Zoe recently set up so those who work alone can get together on a regular basis She said: “There’s no-one to complain to about the salary or bounce ideas off and not a friendly face in sight to make you a brew when you’re snowed under.

“It’s easy to become a little bit of a hermit when rusty social skills make networking a daunting task.

“So whether you’re an artist, proof reader, therapist, interior designer or mechanic – come and revel in some good company and share a few secrets – we’d love to hear from you.”

Zoe used to run the cattery with her friend, but now works on her own.

She said: “There’s no-one to have a drink with after work or have a moan about your day.

“Sometimes the pressure can get to you, and it gets quite lonely.

“The feedback I’ve had from others is that they go through the same thing, so that’s what the club is all about.”