THE death-defying feats, the super cars, the guns and girls and gadgets.

According to a Mobberley man, none of James Bond’s globe-trotting adventures would have happened if it was not for him.

Stanley Morgan, of Warford Park, played a casino concierge in the first 007 film Dr No.

The then 33-year-old was responsible for delivering an MI6 card to Bond alerting him to trouble in Jamaica.

It has since become an iconic scene as it is the moment when Sean Connery’s spy is first revealed to the audience, kickstarting 50 years of secret missions.

Father-of-four Stanley said: “If I hadn’t been able to find Bond or had told the guy from MI6: ‘Sorry, I’m on my tea break’, Bond wouldn’t have realised there was trouble in Jamaica and would still be playing snap with Sylvia Trench.”

Stanley spoke to the Guardian to mark James Bond’s 50th anniversary.

The British franchise is celebrating huge success with the latest film Skyfall, but Stanley said it was a very different story in 1962.

“Nobody was very keen,” he said.

“The film went through a very traumatic process before Cubby Broccoli got behind it.

“It was a nervy production on everyone’s part. I think Ian Fleming didn’t approve initially of Sean Connery and there was great difficulty in choosing him.

“They thought of David Niven and even of American stars, which was outrageous because Bond is British.

“I think the success of Dr No was due very largely to Sean Connery. He was the epitome of Bond, he had everything.

“He was tall, elegant and he could act, and what comes across is this barely-concealed threat.

“He gives the impression that if he hit you, you stay hit. It’s a quality that’s been lacking in the other Bonds, until perhaps Daniel Craig.”

Stanley, 83, got the part due to his friendship with Bernard Lee who played ‘M’.

The pair met at Merton Park Studios where Stanley played a police sergeant in four crime films.

Stanley, who has lived in Mobberley for eight years, said: “The Merton Parks sets were modest and always shot in black and white.

“So when I walked onto the Dr No casino set my mind was blown. It was like going from a Ford Popular to a Rolls-Royce.

“This little scene of mine with Sean Connery has really become iconic because it’s the first time he says: ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’.

“Really it started the Bond adventure and therefore all the others that came after.”

Stanley, who has two granddaughters Martha, nine, and Amber, 11, was even invited to the ‘Bond at 50’ celebrations at Pinewood Studios, where he and his wife Linda met another 007, Sir Roger Moore.

“It was a thrill to go back there after all those years,” Stanley said.

“I’ve been out of the business for quite some time, so to remember that I was one of the first to appear in a film that developed into an ever growing franchise is wonderful.”

Stanley Morgan’s favourite Bond moments: Best film – Goldfinger Best Bond – Sean Connery Best villain – Jaws (Richard Kiel) Best Bond girl – All of them!

Best car – Aston Martin DB5 Best gadget – Magnetic watch