Martin and Shirlie Kemp have said they do not think their son Roman will cry during his time in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – because of his “testosterone” and focus.

The radio DJ, 26, was among the 10 reality stars to enter the jungle in Sunday night’s launch episode of the popular ITV reality show, and he was seen taking on a plank walk challenge at 334ft alongside Rak-Su star Myles Stephenson.

Spandau Ballet star Martin and former Wham! backing singer Shirlie said Roman is unlikely to shed tears in the show, even when faced with gut-wrenching and terrifying tasks.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here
Roman Kemp (ITV)

Shirlie told the PA news agency: “I really don’t believe he’ll cry. He went in that show knowing the show… you don’t go into it thinking, ‘Oh I can’t do any of the challenges’.

“When Roman is focused, a bit like Myles as well, when they’re young like that they have a lot more testosterone and a lot more focus.”

Martin added: “I know Roman, he’s quite a strong young man.

“He loves the show, he’s been watching it since he was a little boy and he knows exactly what’s in store for him, and I would be shocked beyond belief if he said he can’t do something, or if he got upset.

“I think he will take it in his stride and enjoy it.”

However, the music star pair, who will release their debut album together on Friday, said there was one thing that could make their son emotional – food rations in the jungle camp.

Shirlie said: “It’s all about being mentally prepared, isn’t it. It is hard when you get hungry, and I am not a good person when I’m hungry. I lose my sense of humour, I get tearful, everything.

“I think there may be times that he’ll be very tearful.”

Former EastEnders star Martin, 58, said Roman will be a friend to everybody on the show and will not forge too much of a tight-knit friendship group.

“We spoke to Roman about this, and I always think, with those shows that are small, intense bursts of human life, you have to get on with everybody,” he said.

“If you end up in a clique, that’s when it doesn’t work. If you go in too heavy with one person or two people.”

Shirlie said: “Roman’s not like that because growing up he was in a football team, and he knows that it takes a team of people, so he’s not a cliquey person.”

The couple told of their joy at having their son on the programme, with Shirlie adding: “I’m just pleased that Roman’s entertaining us through the dark nights.

“He’s having such a different experience and as a parent you want your children to be having amazing experiences. You can’t buy the experience that he’s having.”

The anxiety over him being in I’m A Celebrity has overtaken their nerves at their album, In The Swing Of It, being released.

Martin said: “I’m a little bit lost at the moment because the nerves, the anxiety of watching Roman has overtaken everything.

“All I can do at the moment is read the paper, read about Roman, think about what he’s doing, watch the TV and get anxiety from it.”

Shirlie added: “It’s all overshadowed the album.”

Martin and Shirlie Kemp’s In The Swing Of It is out Friday November 22.