Ainsley Harriott has urged people to forget about Brexit and spend more time in the garden

The chef and presenter spoke at the Chelsea Flower Show about the power of gardening to both relax and educate.

Harriott said that the show can give a taste for horticulture and offer an insight into other cultures.

The TV chef has told people in the UK to go into their gardens and put politics behind them.

Harriott told the Press Association: “With Brexit, you want to forget about it and get into your garden, that’s what I say.

He added: “We were brought up with having a love of your garden, having somewhere you can go in, it’s your little sanctuary, you can go there and you can switch off.

“It’s a brilliant place to be. It’s rewarding. Gardens are so rewarding.

“Over the years it changes and takes on its own character, a bit like us.

“Some get a bit bendy, some are quite straight and firm.”

Harriott added on the value of the Chelsea Flower Show: “We get a real understanding of flavour, of colour, of cultures around the world.”