SIX performers produce an incredible multi-media show about energy in Charge.

Effortlessly combining dance, circus skills and acrobatics to memorable effort, the Motionhouse production at Buxton Opera House was a feast of sight and sound.

The dancers merged brilliantly with constantly-shifting digital backdrops, which switched between cityscapes and the human body to show how energy is central to our lives.

Motionhouse was founded in 1988 by Louise Richards and Kevin Finnan, and Charge is the third part of Kevin’s ‘Earth Trilogy’, developing on themes explored in Scattered and Broken about our relationship with water and the Earth.

The strength of the show lies in the physicality and grace of its performers, the astonishing digital images and the beautiful, haunting soundtrack.

Motionhouse worked with the University of Oxford on the role of electricity in the human body as its inspiration for Charge, an immersive experience unlike any other dance show I have seen.

The performers drew sustained applause from the audience at the end of a mesmeric journey into the story of energy, one that sadly lasted only 70 minutes.

Buxton Opera House deserves huge praise for booking such an innovative production by a company that sells out venues and earns rave reviews wherever it plays.

Charge is an hypnotic, hugely enjoyable assault on your senses, which leaves you in awe of the skill of the dancers and the infinite imagination of the team which created the stunning work.

The show is ground-breaking in its fusion of so many elements, and the large audience at the Opera House was a welcome endorsement of art which can challenge and entertain – to brilliant effect.