HOT flushes, hormones that rage like tsunamis and mood swings as predictable as the British weather.

The 'change' is not the likeliest of subject matter for a hit show – but Menopause the Musical has become such a sensation that it is back for a sequel.

The story will continue at the Parr Hall when the follow-up show, Cruising Through Menopause, comes to the Cultural Quarter stage on February 15.

Jeanie Linders' Menopause the Musical launched in Florida in 2001 and has now been on stages all over the world.

It introduces four women at a department store sale, who on first appearance have nothing in common until they have a heart-to-heart. The sequel catches up with the same women five years later as they set off on a trip on the high seas.

Becki Mundy, from Parr Hall, said: "Cruising Through Menopause is a hilarious, heartfelt, reassuring and unflinching look at the joys of menopause and friendship.

"When your life is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns it’s hard to find true friends but step on board and you’ll be taken on a trip of self-discovery, love and friendship, all backed by a soundtrack of toe-tapping parodied hits.

"For these four women the menopause was not the beginning of the end, but the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This show promises to have you laughing, singing and maybe even dancing on-stage."

Cruising Through Menopause is at the Parr Hall on Saturday, February 15, for two performances at 4pm and 7.30pm. Visit or call 442345.