SPRING has finally sprung.

With blue skies, sun and milder weather, there is suddenly the urge to get out and about into nature and into the garden.

There is certainly lots of spring colour available to buy at Fryer’s and other Blue Diamond garden centres.

Senetti, for example, is an early spring flowering plant that will flower from now all the way into summer.

It’s large, daisy like flowers in a choice of colours from vivid blues to magentas and bi-colours, create high impact colour in the garden or planted in a container.

This is a good companion plant too when teamed with bedding plants.

Ranunculus is a beautiful, spring flowering plant that produces rose like blooms, made up of layer upon layer of fine petals.

In a wide variety of colours, this plant prefers to flower in cooler spring temperatures so is ideal for planting in the garden or in containers now.

This plant is perfect for cut flowers too and is a popular choice in many bridal bouquets.

Dianthus ‘pink kisses’ – otherwise known as ‘pot carnation’ – is another favourite at this time of year.

This evergreen perennial produces an abundance of long-lasting flowers in an attractive pink with a darker pink centre, and contrasting silver-green foliage.

It is ideal as a gift or for planting in the ground or containers.

Speaking of gifts, don’t forget Mothers’ Day this weekend.

There are some gorgeous indoor and outdoor planted containers to choose from in Blue Diamond garden centres.

Streptocarpus, commonly known as ‘cape primrose’ is another perfect gift idea.

Originating from South Africa, this is a relatively easy to grow houseplant that comes in a variety of colours and will remain in flower for several months.

Orchids make a wonderful gift. They look sensational and add a sense of the exotic to any home, especially the bathroom where they thrive.

Look out for the pure white ‘Cambridge white’, the eye catching ‘raspberry ripple’ or the unusual terracotta of the ‘golden brick’ variety.

Potted roses are another firm favourite this Mothers’ Day.

Choose from roses named ‘mum in a million’, ‘my lovely mum’ and ‘you’re beautiful’ to name just a few.

Or why not buy the rose ‘friends’ which is now available in all Blue Diamond garden centres and in so doing support the national charity, Greenfingers

One pound from every friends rose sold will be donated by Blue Diamond to the charity which creates magical gardens in hospices for children with terminal illnesses and their families to spend quality time together in.

If you really want to treat a loved one this weekend, magnolia trees make for a statement gift.

This ancient plant, named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol, produces stunning goblet/star shaped flowers in early spring and really adds a wow factor to any garden.

So, with milder weather on the horizon there is no excuse to get outdoors and in the garden.

Happy gardening and Happy Mothers’ Day