THE sold-out Parr Hall was the first show on Nottingham born Jake Bugg's run of special solo tour dates this autumn.

Bursting onto the scene at 18 with his debut on a major label, Jake has gone from singing about dodgy dealings in his hometown to a Nashville recorded country album for his fourth album, Heart That Strains, released in 2017.

The only constant has been Jake and his acoustic guitar which has been put centre stage on this tour – together with minimal lighting – so the audience can focus on the music. Rapturous in their applause as Jake makes his way onto the stage, they enjoy the opportunity to join him on intimate run through of tracks old and new.

While the audience were passionate in their requests of what tracks to play next on the interludes, they were respectful enough to let him get on with the show with the occasional cheers and whoops.

Conscious enough that his fans wanted to hear the hits Jake promised once he played what he wanted to play, he’d take requests.

This included Burn Alone from the front row and despite Jake worrying he might get it wrong he played the track with splendour.

Rarely aired tracks were often highlights of the show including Slide and Parr Hall was also treated to a first play of a never before performed track, Scene, which will appear on his next album currently being written. The stripped-back show meant that the singer's fantastic voice and lyrics were the main focus of the evening, with each song hooking people in one after another.

Saving a fan favourite until the very end, he encouraged everybody to their feet as they joined him in singing Lighting Bolt, which saw hundreds in the crowd join him in unison. Based on the reaction of the crowd throughout the night, the remainder of the tour is bound to be a success and it was great to see Jake return to the town with a very different show to his Neighbourhood Weekender slot.