AN EVENING dedicated to true crime will give a Warrington audience a chilling look at the lives of some of the world’s most notorious killers.

A Night of Serial Killers is coming to The Club Burtonwood on April 24 and will feature case studies on the likes of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos, Todd Kohlhepp, Richard Ramirez and Edmund Kemper.

Hosted by Crime Viral founder Cheish Merryweather, the two-hour talk will be separated into two parts – ‘How To Raise A Serial Killer’ and ‘How To Spot A Psychopath’.

Founded in 2015, Crime Viral has grown to more than 200,000 Facebook fans

Cheish said: “True crime really is having its moment lately following the release of several serial killer specials on Netflix that gripped the public.

“I will be bringing together criminology and forensic psychology alongside real footage of interviews with some of the world’s most notorious cold-blooded killers.

“These talks aim to educate, fascinate and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding true crime – with an injection of dark humour along the way.”

The first part of the show looks at the big question: Are serial killers born or made?

Cheish added: “Analysing the childhoods, adolescence years and shocking crimes of serial killers, the audience will have all the research and evidence laid out in front of them to determine exactly what went wrong along the way.”

The second part will focus on highly intelligent and manipulative killers whose crimes went undetected for years.

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