KNOWSLEY Safari is aiming to inspire the next generation of storytellers with next year's Chronicles of Conservation.

The park's team has created a series of short stories which they will bring to life in school classrooms around National Storytelling Week.

The tales aim to use children's fascination with animals to get them more interested in conservation and sustainability.

Nikki Mallott, head of learning and discovery at Knowsley Safari, said: “We’ve created the stories to inspire children and get them excited about telling their own stories about topics they’re really interested in and enjoy.

“We’ll go into schools, running Safari Storytime classes that will see us tell the stories using a host of artefacts, props and costumes, and most importantly, involving pupils in choosing how they want each storyline to develop. This will make the stories interactive and help the children to think about how they can take the story from the beginning, to what happens in the middle and how it gets to the end.”

The one-hour lessons have been designed for early years foundation stage and reception classes and run from January 20 to February 14, covering National Storytelling Week, from February 1 to 8.

Schools interested in booking the free classes can email: