IT sounds like something that astronauts might use to prepare them for space travel.

Floatation tanks look the part too when you see these sleek white pods with a glow coming from the inside.

We have been invited to try out the Zero Gravity Float Spa in Altrincham where the galactic associations extend to the therapy centre's name.

Some people even liken the unique experience to floating though space so we are here to see what all the fuss is about.

In reality, the spa's four pods are like giant baths where 525kg of epsom salt is mixed with more than 1,000 litres of water which creates the floating sensation.

Each tank also has an under-body heater to maintain a constant temperature so you are always comfortable.

So that explains the zero gravity element but it is a different type of 'space' that the spa really offers.

For one precious hour, you are completely shut off from the world with no distractions or glaring screens.

In fact it is recommended that you switch off the lights within the tank for the full benefits of sensory deprivation.

And it works – for just a little while commitments, work worries, family responsibilities and your to-do list melt away.

Knutsford Guardian:

To get us fully relaxed before the 'float' we started the session in the spa's sophisticated massage chairs.

It is fun to do the chairs together with a partner or friend so you can describe the experience – which kind of pummels you into submission but in a good way – as you go through it together.

The chair 'finds' your joints and uses rotating balls and heated pads to roll out the knots and squeeze you. Just make sure you have the control handy as even the medium setting is quite intensive.

Then our guide and host Chris talked us through the process of immersing ourselves into the pods and the benefits of epsom salt which helps regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and assists with everything from muscle control to the elimination of toxins.

After a shower and putting in earplugs to stop the water getting into your ears, you just dip yourself in and then your level of immersion is totally within your control.

So, for example, if you are not keen on confined spaces you can leave the lid ajar and you can choose whether to keep the glow of the lights on or lose yourself in complete darkness.

I went for the latter and felt comfortable and content throughout the whole session.

The epsom salt – or magnesium sulphate – in the 10 and a half inch deep suspension coats your body as soon as you get in which is a strange but pleasant sensation.

And it was easier than I thought to put my head back and just lie on the surface of the water.

Being in a completely dark space added to the experience immensely.

It is simple but very effective and, as someone who has always struggled with mindfulness, I did find that I was able to clear my head and be in the moment.

It is not perfect as although the tank is big at about 8ft long by 5ft wide your head does brush the sides from time-to-time as you drift around and you might occasionally get some of the solution in your eyes with an accidental splash (clean water and a face cloth is at the ready) but after an hour I was converted.

The session starts and finishes with gentle music to let you know when your time is up and then after another quick shower we went back to the reception area for a cup of tea and a chat with Chris, who was very welcoming and informative throughout.

I felt a lot of the benefits that were talked about like feeling calm, relaxed and energised.

For sportsmen and women it is said to also improve athletic performance and speed the healing process.

I'm not particularly sporty so I cannot speak to this but I did definitely feel a sense of wellbeing, my skin felt better and I slept very well.

For anyone curious about floatation therapy, I would just say go for it. It is so unique that is great to try as just an experience as much as anything else and you might find it is just the tonic and pause you need for those times when life seems to never give you a break.

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