COULD Netflix be poised to reinvent and rejuvenate the music video?

It certainly seems so with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke teaming up with There Will Be Blood’s Paul Thomas Anderson for Anima.

Anima is Yorke’s new solo album and this accompanying film takes you on a mind-bending journey over 15 minutes which totally surpasses what you would normally expect from a ‘music video’.

Set in a surreal dystopian world – slightly reminiscent of the imagery of Radiohead’s OK Computer – Yorke plays a tired and dishevelled traveller who catches the eye of a fellow passenger (Dajana Roncione). And so begins a long journey for him to get to her while trying to escape an oppressive system where everyone is alike.

Although I am a big fan of Radiohead, I have always found much of Yorke’s solo material bewildering but it works perfectly here and it will make you appreciate it in a new way.

The film takes the hypnotic quality of the music to another level and will make you see physical performance differently.

Anima’s hidden meanings will be no doubt be explored for months to come but even just on the surface there is so much to take away from this feast for the senses.

The immaculate choreography is mindblowing with Yorke again teaming up with Damien Jalet who he collaborated with on 2018’s Suspiria.

That plus the 1984-style imagery and use of shadows will make you think about it long after the credits.

Anderson previously worked with Radiohead on a series of videos in 2016 and what a meeting of minds that must have been.

Both Anderson, as a filmmaker, and Yorke, as a musician, are hugely acclaimed in their fields but also like to challenge themselves and their audiences and push boundaries.

The combination has worked a treat here in this hugely immersive piece which is best played loud. It will be fascinating to see what Netflix follows this up with.