In Memoriam

. Diana

. Diana

DIANA No words will ever do to express my devotion and put in to words the love I have for you. The only truth I ever knew was Diana. Your legacy will be eternal. Life without Diana is like life without the sun. If we lived in a perfect world and we do not. We live in a very cruel world. Diana was to good for this world, she was the most honest and caring and hard working and loving lady i have ever met. She was your perfect lady. Man and this cruel world let Diana down. When i met Diana she had to go milk recording at 4am. The house was in a bad need of repair i made her a luxury cattery and made her a lovely home. All her money she worked very hard for, was her own. I paid for most things. This did not and would not of happened on my watch. A wonderful Fiancee with all my love forever Neville xxxxx



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