OVER recent months I have noticed a severe deterioration in the condition of the road surfaces to the south west of Toft Road and Stanley Road.

Many are full of potholes and the road surface has completely disintegrated.

There appears to be a reluctance on behalf of the highways authority to carry out any repairs in this area compared to the rest of the town.

Areas such as Grove Park, Manor Park South, Mobberley Road, Tatton Street etc have been completely resurfaced and others have received patch repairs.

Surfaces on Cranford Avenue, Bexton Road, Blackhill Lane, Beggarmans Lane, Ashworth Park etc are in very poor condition compared to other areas of the town.

Perhaps our elected representatives can put pressure on the relevant departments to carry out urgent repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage to vehicles.

A number of residents have already had to replace tyres due to pothole damage.

Tony Leadbeater Ashworth Park