I HAVE a brilliant idea!

Why not shoot all the birds to stop any risk of bird flu spreading to farm animals, cut all the trees down to save Cheshire West and Chester money in health and safety and maintenance issues, concrete over all the grass and build a load of houses... Beautiful Cheshire, Beautiful UK.

Only problem I don’t want to live in a country like that, do you?

Please contact your MP against this terribly cruel and unnecessary badger cull.

It isn’t even scientifically proven.

Do you want your children to grow up in a world where it’s ok to kill things we don’t like, or are inconvenient for our economy?

Where they will never enjoy the pleasure of going for a walk and seeing a badger sett, or even more of catching a glimpse of one at night?

Many badgers sadly get killed on roads. Our A556 almost always has a couple dead on it. They are in decline already they need our protection not this.

Please, if you agree use your voice and say to condemn this shooting, if you remain silent we are one step further towards the above scenario.

Rachel Thompson Address supplied