UKIP are really desperate.

Last week we heard how important it was that they continued as MEPs just a bit longer.

With their billionaire backer not only leaving but demanding his money back, and with so many lost deposits to pay, they are desperate for cash as their support collapses.

But by staying in the European Parliament they so despise, each of their MEPs draws a salary and guaranteed expenses of around 160,000 euros and an office allowance of around 19,000 euros a month for work relating to their European parliamentary duties.

But they are doing a grand job aren’t they?

Well no, Farage, still drawing a salary that has grown by 20 per cent since the referendum due to the collapsing pound he caused, got himself into the European Parliament Fishery Committee, but out of 42 possible attendances he attended just one.

What a waste of space they are.

Time the people of Britain realised what Brexit will really mean.

Allan Ralston Address supplied