I READ with interest the letter in the Knutsford Guardian of August 17 commenting on traffic and parking issues in Knutsford.

I walk through Knutsford most days, mostly along Princess Street and King Street and without fail there are a number of cars and other vehicles parked illegally, yet rarely do I see a traffic warden.

I recently put in a Freedom of Information request with Cheshire East asking for the number of penalty notices issued in Princess Street and King Street during 2016.

These are the results. King Street 302. Princess Street 132.

This must surely indicate the tip of the iceberg, bearing in mind that a traffic warden visits at the most one or two times a week.

The only thing that may stop this illegal parking would be daily enforcement.

It may also have an effect if illegal parking was considered an offence which resulted in penalty points on a driving licence.

I suppose the drivers of the many large expensive cars who appear to be the main offenders in Knutsford, consider the remote risk of a £60 fine of no consequence.

Jane McHarry Knutsford