THE ‘Imam’ who is suspected of planning the 12 strong terrorist cell that murdered 15 people and injured more than 100 others, was a convicted drug smuggler, who Spanish judges refused to deport after his prison sentence on the grounds of ‘his human rights’. He then successfully claimed asylum, with an EU passport for totally free movement.

This is the same EU which the UK voted to leave.

The ‘waste of time’ is the ex-Prime Minister, multimillionaire socialist Tony Blair, ‘Remaniac’ extraordinary, tripping off to Brussels to meet Jean-Claude Juncker for what reason?

Then consider our ex MP, George, a loyal politician of the first order, campaigning vigorously, to overturn the will of the people, like Blair, contemptuous of democracy.

Do these career main party politicians really have any respect to those who elected them into office?

UKIP may be struggling as a relatively newly formed political party, and if the voting system was not loaded in favour of protecting the establishment, and we had a form of proportional representation, UKIP would have certainly had seats in parliament at the last General Election.

For sure, it did not receive donor’s contributions of over £20 million, as one main party did.

It is not UKIP that it is a waste of time... it is a main factor in restoring our UK sovereignty and independence once more from unelected power hungry shackles of bureaucrats in Brussels.

Basing its principles on fairness and common sense, given a chance it will have a bright future.

Gerald A Norden Knutsford