CONSERVATIVE policy has enforced commercial health and care contracts which do not work.

Vulnerable individuals cannot rely on the care promised.

Yet many voters keep their heads stuck firmly in the sand.

Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, recently said on Radio 4, ‘You and Yours’ that mental health funding was used to settle general debts.

Macclesfield Hospital was recently rated as ‘requires improvement’ by Care Quality Commission, in every area except ‘caring’.

This says a lot about hardworking, desperate professional staff.

Local headteachers are deprived of vital education funds.

To return comprehensive health and care and education services, we need a Labour Government.

Well-heeled Tatton voters don’t understand (or don’t care about) the way many people are forced by Government to exist.

That is a pity.

This country - via the efforts of the very many people who voted Labour – had formerly lifted us all out of such need. But it has now returned.

Vote wisely, for relief from the self-serving Conservative mantra of ‘take from the poor, give to the rich’.

Charlotte Peters Rock Chairman of Tatton Labour