I’M pleased to see that the police are taking seriously the issue of motorists ignoring the turn left signs at the bottom of Minshull Street and thus going the wrong way down a one-way street.

An obvious solution to this would be to make the two ‘arms’ of Old Market Place one-way streets in opposite directions.

Drivers would enter Old Market place by turning right off King Street opposite the NatWest bank, and the section nearer to Minshull Street would be for exit only.

The stretch of road lower down linking these two ‘arms’, with the Egerton Square houses on one side, could remain two-way so that residents and businesses with car parks at the end could exit via the Moor or via the one-way section leading up to King Street.

Motorists would no longer turn right at the bottom of Minshull Street if they realised they would then have to drive against the flow of another one-way road.

This would also help to avoid the hold-ups that sometimes occur with traffic trying to enter and exit the Old Market Place/King Street junctions at the same time.

Mary Gracie Knutsford