ACCORDING to an article in the Guardian on March 2, Cheshire East Council voted to raise the Council Tax by 4.99 per cent and the Police and Fire Service by 1.9 per cent.

However, Knutsford Council is raising its precept by 14.6 per cent.

This only came to light when the Council Tax bill dropped through the door.

Considering the council has a reserve of £211,864 why does it need £286,020 in addition?

How is it being spent?

The pavements are a possible trip hazard, there is hardly a road in Knutsford without potholes, and public transport is a joke, as it is virtually non existent.

Cheshire East maintains the green areas and empties our bins and supplies street lighting, so exactly why are we paying Knutsford Town Council an extra 14.6 per cent, when all the other services are happy with 4.99 per cent or less?

The article stated that the average Cheshire East Council D band property was £1,324 per year.

Considering the infrastructure of Knutsford and what the people of the town will be paying for their council tax, some people are getting much better value than we are.

The town council is showing no signs of subsidising CEC so where is the 14.6 per cent going?

We see the town warden’s van out and about and he appears to be doing a good job, but how much of his job should CEC be doing and are we charging them for his services or are we paying twice for the same job?

I ask again, why 14.6 per cent when the media tells you there is a cap of five per cent without consulting the electorate?

Jack Woolcock Knutsford