THIS is just a minor gripe, but in our household, we take a national newspaper every day of the week and the Knutsford Guardian on Wednesdays.

I expect the national to deal with national issues and the Guardian to deal with local ones.

I was therefore slightly irritated to see a complete half-page article given over to Fly in the Ointment’s opinions on the NHS. Whether or not I agree with Fly is beside the point (I do, mostly).

The point is that it had no place in a local paper. In slightly similar vein, the letter from the organiser of the Pink Car Rally referred to a fundraising event on the M25. Astute readers will have noticed that the M25 is a motorway round London, not a bypass round Knutsford.

My wife and I support many national charities that do a wonderful job, but I don’t expect to see, for example, a letter in our local paper from the Royal National Institute for the Blind, urging us to join an event held 200 miles away.

If it’s the East Cheshire Hospice promoting an event in the area, that’s different, it’s local.

Much as I am interested in, for example, the way the NHS is developing, I buy a local paper to read about local issues. 

It’s not as if there’s not enough happening in Knutsford and Cheshire to comment on.

Geoff Holman Knutsford