I AM writing regarding the article “Council 15 earn at least £100,000 a year”, Guardian, August 13.

So seven Cheshire East council employees are paid more than £100,000 a year, which means that the ratepayers are paying £1 million a year, not allowing for any bonus?

Yet the Council cannot afford to cut the hedges in the now deserted and overrun Bexton Court grounds.

The hedges have grown to more than twice their regular height and nobody seems to care that they now overshadow gardens in Masters Court, Bexton Road and Cranford Avenue.

When autumn comes the leaves will sweep down with the prevailing wind into Masters Court and the council will have saved money again.

I understand a resident of Cranford Avenue had to have a tree which was growing in the road outside her house, cut down at her own expense because the council wouldn’t do anything.

What with the hedges and gardens overgrown to the extent that a nearby resident said her back garden view was of “a jungle”, the council really should get their priorities right.

Or maybe they should let the “super seven” spend a day cutting the hedges to earn their money!

Pat Mearing Knutsford