I WAS astonished to hear that Mobberley Parish Council and a local residents group are opposing the proposed redevelopment of the Ilford Way site over concerns about aircraft noise, Guardian, August 20.

My family and I moved to Mobberley in 2002 just after the second runway opened at Manchester Airport.

While the additional runway was clearly a consideration in us moving to the village, we agreed that this was a minor issue compared to the quality of life in terms of a unique village character, excellent schooling and an abundance of green spaces.

Having looked at the planning application in some detail I am satisfied the proposed development changes none of this.

However, my major worry is that saying “no” to houses on the Ilford site on the basis of aircraft noise would make a clear statement to future residents that it is not safe to the live in the existing ones.

I am unaware of any evidence to support this and understand there are countless measures in place to ensure that aircraft noise does not cause detriment to residents. 

People are still buying houses in the village despite the proposals for the site being public knowledge for more than 12 months.

Four homes have recently been sold on Smith Lane, close to the entrance of the Ilford site and directly under a flight path.

Clearly these buyers are willing to live close to an airport as I’m sure millions of people do across the UK.

However, refusing the scheme on this basis risks causing blight on all homes in Mobberley for generations to come.

Marcus Shamim Mobberley resident