I AM writing to ask Centrebus to please reconsider the plan to stop the No 27 bus service from going round Bexton Road and Beggar Man’s Lane, (Guardian, February 6 edition).

There are many people who cannot drive anymore for various reasons, including my husband, and it means they can have a little bit of independence by travelling into Knutsford and Macclesfield.

Would it be possible to have one bus travel during the morning, returning a couple of hours later, e.g. 10.03am from the Post Box in Beggar Man’s Lane, and 12.25pm from Knutsford, plus one in the afternoon?

It’s a bad time of the year, and perhaps there will be more travellers when the weather improves. I know a lot of people would be happy to just travel a little instead of not at all.

Please don’t stop the bus service.

EILEEN BURRELL Leycester Road, Knutsford