SO once again George Osborne has dropped his Cheshire constituency in the mire by letting the HS2 rail link run straight through rural Cheshire, then has the gall to say he had no say in the matter.

He goes on to say the impact will be minimal. It may be minimal to him, but what about all the people who will have a lifetime of hard work destroyed? What about all the people who don’t want to, but will have to, move home? He says the rail link will be good for jobs in Cheshire, just like his party promised 40,0000 jobs when they let the airport build Runway Two, and we all know what happened there. I read in your paper there is an action group looking for a new candidate to replace Osborne when he flees to another safe seat before the next election.

In 2015 all the damage will be done. Why wait? Let’s get a candidate now. It doesn’t matter what party he or she comes from as long as they support the people of Cheshire.

KEN DAVIES Mobberley