I HAVE never heard such rubbish!

The Moor ducks have been fed by families for years, as have the ducks at Redesmere.

The ducks will come to no harm as their numbers will confirm, and give children and older people an enormous amount of pleasure.

As to the fish dying, I too lost a large number of fish a few years ago as did a lot of people.

It was not down to feeding my ducks, as they don’t get fed very often, but as you quite rightly mentioned down to a lack of oxygen. We had a very cold winter, and my lake was frozen over for weeks.

As a result of which the oxygen level fell, and I sadly lost a considerable number of fish. I keep my lake free of weed and now break the ice if it freezes over for more than a few days. I have not lost a single fish since.

I suggest the council or whoever is responsible for the Moor Pool do the same, and stop trying to spoil families fun.

Feeding the ducks is a great tradition and a wonderful way to get children introduced to our natural world. Is this another crazy example of health and safety gone mad?