I AM writing regarding the article about the Poppies Day Nursery, Guardian, January 23.

This was Knutsford and District’s Cottage Hospital, as a memorial to those who fell in the Great War of 1914-1918, the money for which was raised by public subscription.

It contained three wards, one for men, another for women, and a third for the elderly, plus an operating theatre and sister’s flat for the Matron.

Mr Godfrey was the local surgeon, he also operated at the Altrincham General Hospital.

The land was given by the Leicester Family of Tabley House, together with five acres of land at the rear.

The land and buildings were only to be used as a hospital.

When the National Health closed it down, the Leicester family made sure that it could not be sold, likewise the Westminster Hospital in London.

Following the Second World War, Dr Ken Walley, now deceased, raised money by public subscription to build an outpatients department and as there was enough left, a day room.

Knutsford should have its hospital back. If the drive were moved to one side there would be ample room to build on the front of the present building. Surely with the proposed building work on Mereside Road, and Mereheath Lane the hospital should be reconsidered as there would be no traffic congestion.

CM WRIGHT Sparrow Lane Knutsford