I READ with interest the Knutsford Guardian of January 23, particularly the front page.

On it was a picture of the many potholes throughout the surrounding area. There in the middle was a picture of a very deep one on Church Hill, one I unfortunately hit. So what I did was pick up the phone and ring Cheshire East Council, and asked to be put through to the highways department where a charming lady took my details and noted my complaint of the said pothole and within two days that pothole had been repaired.

Your readers may also have noticed that the white lines on the road between the police station and the Conservative Club roundabout have recently been repainted.

At this point two lanes go into one going one way, and one lane goes into two the other way.

The lines, I noted, had become very indistinct and could have caused an accident.

A few weeks ago now I reported this to the highways department.

The lines were repainted within one week, albeit in two goes.

I rang to thank them for their prompt action and they were very appreciative.

The highways department does not spend its time looking for potholes or faded white lines, they rely on contact from the public.

So don’t moan about it, pick up the phone and tell them about the fault.