WELL done for highlighting the state of our roads, (Guardian, January 16).

They were getting bad in the summer, and the recent frosts are totally destroying what was left of them.

To see the cobbles on view again shows how the botched repairs and pathetically-thin top dressings that have been used in recent years are doing nothing to repair or maintain our roads. Over recent months “street maintenance” signs have been put up on various roads.

I had hoped this would mean that the roads would be maintained. But alas all it meant was that the drains were been cleaned! I hope our MP has read the article, as I would ask him for his opinion and an update on what he will do to resolve the issue.

The negligence is going to cost us all more in the very short run, as I am sure nothing has been saved by letting them get into this state.

TIM CLIFFORD Ruskin Chambers, Knutsford