Kelly Osbourne has launched a new campaign to help people get in shape.

The TV personality achieved a body transformation, dropping five dress sizes after her time on Dancing With The Stars, and is now sharing her tips with viewers of ITV1's Lorraine.

The 28-year-old's Kelly Osbourne Hollywood Diet will help people beat the bulge with food and fitness tips, and advice from experts in Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, Kelly took three Daybreak viewers to LA to spend a week with her diet and fitness team. Their results will be seen on Daybreak and Lorraine in January.

Kelly said: "Working with the Lorraine show is so exciting for me because I know that communicating healthy living in a language that's easy to understand can be the key to changing someone's life. That's all it took for me."

She added: "Healthy living has transformed my life and I'm so excited to be able to help anyone else who is motivated and ready to transform their own life in the same way."

The three dieters include a 38-year-old from Derbyshire who wants to lose three stone, a 62-year-old grandmother who also wants to shift three stone and a 27-year-old who will only set a wedding date with her partner once she has lost seven stone.

:: Kelly Osbourne's Hollywood Diet launches on ITV1 Daybreak and Lorraine from Wednesday January 2 and runs until January 11