Victoria Pendleton plans to enlist Strictly Come Dancing partner Brendan Cole to help with her first dance at her wedding.

Olympic cycling's golden girl has already started to teach fiance Scott Gardner dance steps in her kitchen.

She said that she loved wearing a wedding dress to perform a tango to White Wedding on the BBC One show.

"Putting it on reminded me how excited I am about marrying Scott - I can't wait," she told the Radio Times about the wedding next summer.

"I wanted us to get married two years ago and now feel like I've been waiting to marry the man of my dreams for ever.

"First there was the Olympics and now Strictly, but as soon as I leave the show I'm going to turn all my attention to the wedding."

Victoria, who languished near the bottom of the Strictly leaderboard this weekend, added: "The good news is that I won't make a complete fool of myself during my first dance on our wedding day.

"I've tried to teach Scott a few of the steps in our kitchen, but I think it would be lovely to do a proper waltz, so I will definitely be enlisting Brendan's help with the choreography.

"I never imagined my wedding day when I was a little girl, so when I started organising it for real I didn't know what I wanted... What I do know is that I don't want anything too fancy - absolutely no over-the-top dresses or carriages or 50 bridesmaids. I want a simple, elegant do."

She joked of her wedding dress: "The one thing I will tell you is that it won't have any chiffon wings. I don't want to accidentally strangle Scott during our first dance."